Shareholder Update
13 November 2019 – (152KB)

September 2019 Quarterly Report
31 October 2019 – (563KB)

2019 Annual Report
30 October 2019 – (5.6MB)

Shareholder Update
10 October 2019 – (146KB)

Sale Of Technology Package
24 September 2019 – (130KB)

June 2019 Quarterly Report
31 July 2019 – (563KB)

Shareholder Update
26 July 2019 – (464KB)

Shareholder Update
4 July 2019 – (462KB)

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Austpac Resources N.L. is a minerals technology company focused on innovative technology to convert steel industry by-products (furnace dusts and waste chloride solutions) into high purity pig iron, zinc oxide and strong hydrochloric acid.

Austpac has also developed adjunct technologies to transform ilmenite into high-grade synthetic rutile, a preferred feedstock for titanium metal and titanium dioxide pigment production.

Austpac is constructing a new website to replace this site.

Current information on the Company is available in the Breaking News section on this page, or in the Announcements and Reports section which can be accessed via the Investor Centre on this page.