Austpac Resources N.L. is a minerals technology company which has developed new commercial processes for the titanium, steel and iron ore industries.
Synrutile Our products are the highest grade in the world
Austpac Resources produces the highest grade synthetic rutile available today (>97% TiO2). This synrutile feedstock, produced by upgrading ilmenite, has a wide range of uses from pigments and paints to titanium metal.
DRI We recycle wastes into valuable, profitable products
Austpac’s innovative processes convert steel mill waste and iron ore fines into high iron metal which is suitable for steel-making, and transform waste metal chloride liquors into saleable hydrochloric acid.
Mill Scale The most environmentally sustainable processes available
With a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, Austpac’s processes have significantly better environmental performance than existing plants.
Technology Award Winner 2008 Applied Technology of the Year
In September 2008, Austpac won the prestigious Mining Industry Award for the “Applied Technology of the Year”, signifying external endorsement of the Company’s achievements in technology development for the titanium and steel industries.