Austpac's Directors


Mr Cuthbertson is currently the Chairman of Montec International Limited, S2 Net Limited, MyNetFone Ltd, South American Iron and Steel Limited and Malachite Resources Ltd, and a non-Executive Director of Mint Wireless LTD and OMI Ltd. He was previously Group Finance Director for Tech Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd which generated over $2 billion in revenues from operations throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. From 1986 to 1995 he was a Senior Partner of KPMG, specialising in strategic and corporate advice to major corporations. Mr Cuthbertson brings extensive international corporate experience to Austpac including a practical operating knowledge of business practices and structures in India, China and Southeast Asia.

Mr Cuthbertson was appointed a Director of Austpac Resources N.L. on 27 March 2001 and Chairman of Austpac Resources N.L. on 31 May 2004.

Managing Director

Mr Turbott was formerly a Director and Vice President of Kennecott Explorations (Australia) Ltd, and was in charge of the exploration programs that led to the discovery of the Lihir gold deposit in Papua New Guinea and to the initial development of the Gordonstone (Kestrel) coal mine in Queensland. His 46 years’ experience in the mining industry has encompassed a wide variety of exploration and development projects in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada and the USA.

Mr Turbott has been the Managing Director of Austpac Resources N.L. since its formation as an epithermal gold explorer in 1985. In 1988 Austpac became involved in beneficiating mineral sand deposits and developed the ERMS roasting process to separate refractory ilmenite and, subsequently, the EARS acid regeneration process. In the mid 1990’s, this led to the development of the ERMS SR process, which produces very high grade synthetic rutile (a preferred feedstock for titanium metal and titanium dioxide pigment production) and a valuable iron co-product from ilmenite. Austpac is currently focused on commercialising a proprietary technology which recycles waste chloride solutions and furnace dusts produced by steelmaking and recovers hydrochloric acid, pig iron and zinc.

Non-Executive Director

Mr Iles is a metallurgist with over 35 years’ experience in international trade, sales and business development and the commercial management of technical projects at plant level. He was previously General Manager for CMC Cometals Australia, a subsidiary of the Commercial Metals Company headquartered in Texas, USA, where he was responsible for key objectives of profit, production and marketing. Mr Iles has been intimately involved with supply and offtake contracts with the Australian and international iron and steel industry and is an expert in international metals sourcing and trading.

Mr Iles was appointed a Director of Austpac Resources N.L. on 13 March 2017.

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