Austpac wins ‘Applied Technology of the Year’ Award
ERMS SR Demonstration Plant Michael Turbott receives the award

Austpac Resources won the “Applied Technology of the Year” Award at the 2008 National Mining Awards. The awards were announced in Sydney at a gala dinner at the Excellence in Mining and Exploration Conference.

The organisers of the conference gave the following description of the significance of the award for Applied Technology of the Year: “From the Bronze Age to the Silicon Age, Man's ascent has been driven by the ability to treat rocks with technologies. With the large, shallow and obvious deposits now mostly depleted, we are looking deeper into the Earth for resources, using lower grade bulk resources and chasing an extraordinary new spectrum of materials used in our high-tech lifestyles. Technology itself is leading the cause in satisfying these new levels and types of demand. The Applied Technology Award recognises those who have taken the edge forward in its use”.

Responding to the award, Managing Director Mike Turbott said, “After years of planning and construction, this award validates our belief in our technologies as Austpac moves to the next phase of commercialisation.”