Environmental Monitoring

EP Licence
A copy of the EP Licence can be downloaded here.

Annual Return
Austpac Resources lodged the Annual Return for Environmental Protection Licence 12876 on 8 August 2019.

Monitoring Data
Construction of Austpac’s facility at Kooragang was suspended at the end of 2014, and the project is on hold pending funding, so the facility has not yet been commissioned. Consequently no monitoring has been undertaken, and the Licence Fee Based Activity ‘Dangerous Goods Production’ has been nil.

A Monitoring Program will commence when the plant is fully commissioned.

Telephone Complaints Line
Any complaints in relation to activities conducted at the premises should be reported to Austpac Resources’ Sydney office by calling (02) 9221 3211.

Environment and Hazard Management
Austpac maintains a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan. A copy of the latest version of the Plan can be downloaded here.